Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To strengthen individual abilities, family functions and cross-cultural communications through offering tailored, educational, therapeutic and accessible experiences. 


Our Vision
A world where individuals attain self-realization, experience secure family relationships, and foster communities that embrace diverse cultures and open communication. 


Individual internal assets, family strengths, cultural factors, and community supports foster resiliency in the face of adversity and help people strive toward aspirations. 
Individual Internal Assets
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal expression of emotions and concerns to promote emotional and behavioral regulation

  • Enhance communication on different levels to improve understanding and relationships

  • Growth and development

Family Strengths
  • Promote healthy family attachments

Cultural Factors & Community Supports
  • Deepen understanding of own cultures

  • Visual and verbal cross-cultural communications


ActAble aims to provide community access to arts and play-based activities, to create opportunities for participants to strengthen individual abilities, family functions, cultural identities and cross-cultural communications to improve quality of life.

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