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Learning + Fun + Growth!

This summer camp explores real-life topics through reading, art and model making, creative writing, doing research, and discussion as well as presentation. Using Project-Based Learning (PBL), each week we will introduce a new topic through different approaches. You will learn about the STEAM and sociological aspects of a topic, and demonstrate your understanding, opinion, or solution through multiple modalities. We will complete one topic each week. The curriculum will be designed by educators who are experienced in different fields and facilitated by professional teachers.



Promote problem-solving skills and literacy – The essential aptitudes that lead to success in your studies, SHSAT or SAT/ACT exams, and beyond.

Cultivate intrinsic motivation and interest towards learning. Different learning approaches and responding make learning fun and effective. Real-life topics make learning relevant and meaningful to your life, and enable you to apply knowledge into practice. 

Develop interests that reflect your skills, talents, and potentials by exploring and working with approaches best suitable for you. Learning about different topics can ignite your interest towards different fields. 

Topics Include
Climate change and our lives
Food and health
Pollution and water resources
Reuse and recycle
The impacts of immigration and migration
Cultural identity, cultural continuity, and change
Racism, prejudice, bias, and tolerance

Curriculum Development Team
Diane Bezucha, M.A. in Art, Education & Community Practice Project. 
Cheryl Fricchione, M.S. in Mathematics Learning and Teaching. 
Xingyi Li, M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy.
Deanna Richardson, M.A. in Teaching - Social Studies, Master's in Educational Leadership. 
Ashraf Shady, Ph.D. in Urban Science Education, M.S. in Solid State Science.


Monday – Friday, July 1 – August 16 (No camp on July 4)

8:00 am – 9:00 am: Drop off time *

9:00 am – 2:30 pm: Summer camp workshops


* Please contact us if you need to drop off your child between 8:00 am and 9:00 am.

Please bring your own lunch and snacks. Light snacks and water are available at our site.


Fees per Week

Week of July 1 – 5: $248. 

All other weeks: $310. 


The material fees are included.

Space is limited. 


Refund Policy

If you withdraw before the Summer Camp begins, we will charge a $50 refund fee and return the remaining tuition balance.


If you withdraw after the Summer Camp starts, we will charge the fees of the actual day(s) your child has attended, and refund 70% of the remaining tuition balance.


Early and Late Dismissal

Our regular dismissal time is 2:30 PM. If your child needs to leave early, a note must be sent to or brought to us before 1:00 PM. Your child can also leave early if the parent/guardian on the list picks up the child. The latest pickup time is 2:55 pm. If your child is permitted to leave unaccompanied, please send us a note through email or deliver it to the office by the first day of camp.


Inquiry and Registration


Call/Text: Ms. Li 516-643-8140